Meet the Board

Chair: Susan Jamieson

Susan has a long history with HIV Edmonton dating back to 1989 when she became a volunteer.  In the many years to follow she has been involved in many aspects of the agency  work such as; NAMES Quilt,  AIDS Walks, Black and White affair, Volunteer educator, Board member , ACCH Board Rep. Vice-Chair and Board Chair. Not only does she bring with her passion, commitment and compassion as a Health Educator with the STI Clinic Edmonton she also brings unlimited knowledge.  Susan commitment doesn’t stop there; she is also a volunteer with the Sexual Assault Centre. She has also been very well trained by her Birman cats since January 2011.

Vice Chair: Sandra Christensen-Moore

Sandra Christensen-Moore is a Métis, bilingual (French), criminal defence lawyer practicing at Hatch McClelland Moore. Over the past several years, she has worked and volunteered with vulnerable populations through organizations such as: John Howard Society, Student Legal Services, Legal Aid Alberta, Youth Criminal Defence Office, and Boys and Girls Club. Sandra is both proud and passionate to live, work, and volunteer in downtown Edmonton.

Why Sandra is a Hero for Zero: "It's an honour to serve a community with an organization truly devoted to seeing its members thrive. Being a Hero for Zero is supporting HIVE's front-line advocacy in combatting stigma, discrimination, and inequality."

Secretary : Grant Nash

Grant has an interest in public policy issues and a background in public policy development.  Grant's previous volunteer work has included community-based organizations with a focus on harm reduction and social determinants of health.  

Why Grant is a Hero for Zero: “I volunteer with HIV Edmonton because I am inspired by people who advocate for the marginalized and who choose to build communities of acceptance and not rejection".

Treasurer: David Prestley

David is the current Theatre Administrator/Events Coordinator at the University of Alberta’s Timms Centre for the Arts where he is responsible for managing and coordinating the Studio Theatre as well as coordinating and contracting community stakeholder activities in the TIMMS. Prior to moving to Edmonton, the UBC Modern Languages Graduate performed on operatic and concert stages in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has worked in a variety of capacities on film, radio and television. He has stage, tour and event managed projects nationally and internationally.He is a life long advocate of the not-for-profit sector. 

Why David is a hero for Zero: "The face of HIV and AIDS has changed since the 1980s when I first became aware of it. We need advocacy and education that is current and relevant in order to get to Zero. HIV Edmonton provides that and I support that important work." 

Director: Jennifer Dodd

Jennifer Dodd is a Registered Nurse at the Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in Edmonton. She possesses a 16 year background in nursing in both educational and clinical roles.  Jennifer is currently enrolled in graduate studies at the City University of Seattle studying counselling psychology.  She is also presently involved in a project funded by the Women’s Empowerment International Foundation and the Canadian International Development Agency which will be sending her to Mumbai, India on a research project in Nursing Clinical Mentorship in HIV care.  Previously, Jennifer served as a Volunteer at Streetworks, Boyle Street Co-op. 

Why Jennifer is a Hero for Zero " I choose to volunteer for HIV Edmonton because I wish to be a part of an organization that fights HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination. I want to be a hero for zero!"

Director : Lynne Kaiser

Lynne Kaiser is the Administrative Assistant at SAFFRON Centre (Strathcona Sexual Assault Centre) as a paid position and a prolific volunteer with many organizations in the Edmonton region (altView, Alberta School Councils Association, Edmonton Pride Festival Society, Basset Rescue Edmonton, and more). Lynne has a passion for helping people, giving back to her community, and lifelong learning; therefore becoming a Psychology student seemed like the right direction for her to go. Through Lynne’s involvement with Alberta Education she has been an advocate for wrap around services in Alberta schools, and greater education around social and health issues. Lynne is also a Lion’s Club member and lives their motto “We Serve”.

Why Lynne is a Hero for Zero: “I volunteer with HIV Edmonton to show the community how much I value this organization, how important the work is. Knowing that HIV Edmonton started as an idea around a kitchen table and grew into this supportive and educational organization is inspiring, I want to be involved and inspire others.”

Director: Luiz Lisboa

Luiz is a Brazilian-Canadian clinician-researcher, currently pursuing a career in Medical Microbiology.  His main interests are the prevention, early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of viral infections. His commitment to the local LGBTQ community is ever growing; since the end of two consecutive terms serving Team Edmonton Sports Association’s board as treasurer, Luiz has been actively involved in the foundation and steering of the grassroots Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, where he is a member of its lead team and the coordinator of its sexual heath workgroup.  As a film enthusiast, he can often be found at a theatre near you watching a movie or volunteering for a local film festival, like Rainbow Visions or Northwestfest. 

Why Luiz is a Hero for Zero: "I believe that normalization of HIV testing, expansion of harm-reduction policies and access to novel prevention tools - like pre-exposure prophylaxis - are key in achieving our goals of zero new infections, zero stigma and discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. I am in for the fight and up for the challenge".

Director : Felicia Michie

Felicia is a Strategic Advisor at the City of Edmonton, specializing in all aspects of organizational transformation including change management, leadership and competency development, business strategy and organization design. Felicia has an honours bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Winnipeg and a master’s degree in urban planning from Dalhousie University. She began her career as an urban planner in Winnipeg before moving to Edmonton in 2012. Her professional experience provides her with an intimate understanding of the interconnections between how we design our cities and the impacts on community health and wellbeing. Felicia is a passionate supporter of the arts, founding an organization in Winnipeg that attracts young professionals to support their local arts community through patronage and volunteerism. 

Why Felicia is a Hero for Zero: "I am a Hero for Zero because I believe that everyone deserves to live a life of dignity and acceptance regardless of circumstances. I am deeply inspired by the 1980s and 1990s Act Up movement which is a testament to how much can be achieved when a small group of passionate, dedicated and hardworking people come together to fulfill a common vision of treatment, compassion and support. HIV Edmonton continues this work in our community today of which I would be honoured to be a part".  

Director : Ameeta (Ami) Singh

Ami is an Infectious Diseases physician and a Clinical Professor with the University of Alberta’s Division of Infectious Diseases with a special interest and practice emphasis in HIV and STIs. She was previously the Alberta Provincial Consultant for Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBI) and Medical Director of the Edmonton STI Clinic.  She studied medicine in the UK, received her postgraduate training at the University of Alberta and a Masters of Science (Epidemiology) at Harvard University.  She maintains her clinical practice at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton STI Clinic and the Edmonton Institution for Women.  She enjoys doing research in STBBI and teaching medical students and other trainees.  She has contributed to a wide range of local, national and international guidelines, programs and policies.  She is kept on the “straight and narrow” by her three teenage children and husband and enjoys spending time with them and travelling.  One of her personal goals is to practice yoga more regularly.

Why Ami is a Hero for Zero: “I originally had the privilege of serving on HIV Edmonton’s Board when I started my practice in Edmonton in 1998.   I was inspired to join the board again after some recent work with the energetic staff at HIV Edmonton on HIV related stigma and discrimination; I hope to continue to work with them in addressing this important issue". 

Director : Jake Tkaczyk

Jake grew up as a young gay man on a farm near Holden, Alberta and found there was and still is a large hole in how young people are being educated about sexuality, their well-being, and overall general health in rural Alberta. Jake is a performer, director, educator, and artist based in Edmonton and has newly graduated from the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program. Fine Arts was a natural choice for Jake as he started his own theatre company as a young man of 16 years! Over the past ten years Jake has worked with Theatre Alberta working with their summer theatre school for teens Artstrek. Jake has always been involved with youth in various types of communities and he has a passion for advocacy and engagement and hopes to continue working on.

Why Jake is a Hero for Zero: "Being a‘Hero for Zero’ to me means having an opportunity to help young adults gain the knowledge and power to take control of their own health and to aim to provide more of a platform of education and outreach for all. We often talk about health as being a measure of someone’s fitness, and not in terms of the choices around mental health and sexuality. I particularly admire HIV Edmonton’s long-term vision of ensuring zero stigma and discrimination against people with HIV, and I believe that starts with education of young people". 

Director : Jose Tovillo

Jose is a Registered Nurse with years of experience in different settings including Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, and Geriatrics. He is currently working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital's Emergency Department. A graduate of MacEwan University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program Jose is excited to be starting his Master in Nursing at the University of Alberta in September 2017. Jose has previously served as a MacEwan Ambassador and has been involved in different volunteer activities in Edmonton such as Habitat for Humanity, Dream Catchers (for Aboriginal Youth), Boys and Girls Club, and Mentorship Program for MacEwan International Students. Additionally, he continues to be involved in community through sports such as the Edmonton Sports and Social Club and the Edmonton Volleyball Association. His desire for volunteerism and community involvement, as well as his passion for health education and promotion, led to his interest in joining the HIV Edmonton Team. 

Why Jose is a Hero for Zero: "As a frontline health care provider, I work closely with patients and families who are affected by HIV. I am a Hero for Zero as I can use my voice, knowledge, and experience to help promote HIV awareness, education, and prevention- not only to individuals affected by HIV but to the Edmonton community at large. I believe all of these can help achieve the organization’s goal of Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths.”.