Myth Busters

One of the best ways to help break down the stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS is to inform yourself about the realities of the virus. Take a spin through our myth busters and test your knowledge!

Why get tested? I am not at risk.
Busted! Having unprotected sex even once can put you at risk. Getting tested is about knowing your status and taking control of your health. Testing is accurate, quick and confidential.
HIV is a big city issue, only junkies and gay guys get it.
Busted! HIV knows no geographical boundaries. If you are having unprotected sex or sharing needles you are at risk of contracting HIV.
I can get HIV by kissing an HIV-Infected person.
Busted! Pucker up. Contact through casual kissing is not a risk for transmission of HIV.
Condoms don't work.
Busted! Condoms are not only cool, but used consistently and correctly, they help prevent all sexually transmitted infections.
Seniors don't have sex so there is no risk of HIV.
Busted! Sexual desire does not decrease but sexual health does. 11% of new AIDS cases are in people over 50. Get informed and inform your beloved seniors who may be having unsafe fun.
HIV is a gay disease.
Busted! Sexual orientation doesn't matter to HIV; it does not discriminate.
I have HIV so I can never have children.
Busted! While certain steps and precautions have to be taken, women can now have the families they always dreamed about.
I am HIV positive and I'm on antiretrovial (ARV) meds so I can't transmit the virus.
True! A person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load cannot pass on HIV. Undetectable = Untransmittable!
We both have HIV so we don't need a condom.
Busted! Condomize. Experts are seeing incidence of re-infection, making HIV and AIDS treatment more difficult.
Temporary workers brought HIV to our rural community.
Busted! HIV is transmitted by high risk behaviors, not by a type of person. Anyone having unprotected sex and sharing needles can be at risk for transmitting HIV.