Calling all Heroes for Zero!


AIDS Walk 2019 will be on Saturday September 21, 2019

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We survived the snow storm of September 2018~  The 27th Annual AIDS Walk and third annual Superhero Run found itself in the white stuff this year... for the first time EVER!  We had to make some adjustments however the amazing support shone bright as Nancy Carlson of Global News braved the cold to host!  With the theme of U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable) we had a warmly dressed and passionate keynote in our local advocate Deborah Norris.  She spoke of the importance of this message not only to her as a woman living with HIV but also addressed gaps where government officials could make big changes by championing the message!  

Our friends and long standing supporters of ISCWR (Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wildrose) showed zero fear as they took on the challenge of performing in the snow! Led by Vanity Fair, they were not going to let the weather deter their professional and personal commitment to the cause! 

With the return of many of our sponsors the event looked similar to years past, but we were proud to welcome Aurora  as the newest support!  We had some new surprises along the way with fundraising challenges and prizes to be won, a few new additions made their way into the traditions of the Walk!  For a recap of last year's winners of the much coveted Superhero Trophies, they are listed below- Perhaps this year you will be the one to unseat one of these amazing fundraisers?! 

For more information about all aspects of the AIDS Walk & Superhero Run including maps and FAQs about the event be sure to take a wander through our full Walk site at 

Here are the winners of the 2018 Superhero Trophies: 

  • Top  Corporate Team- Gilead Sciences
  • Top Non- Corporate Team- Team Streetworks
  • Top Fundraiser- Christopher Gallaway


Special thanks to all of our Sponsors, for which this event would simply not be possible without them!